10 Celebrity Men Who Need To Stop Using So Much Makeup

10Brendon Urie

Masculine beauty calls for the word ‘handsome’, the dictionary tells. But is it relevant, when dude looks like a lady? From Charlie Chaplin to Johny Depp and Ronaldo, gender-bending practices spread like a viral infection. Taking the cue from trend-setters, the industry now even markets such products as guyliner and manscara! Here come 10 male celebs who indulge in decorative cosmetics.

In metrosexual culture, make-up has long ceased to be the exclusive female thing. Guys do it, too. And they do it with gusto! Take Brendon Urie, for example. Surely, it is part of his shtick. However, the man enjoys decorating himself to an extent that can make girls jealous – they start viewing him as competition.