The World’s 10 Craziest Pizzas

9Chocolate-Covered Honeycomb – Belgium

Belgium’s biggest pride is indeed chocolate and…pizza? The Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Company are happy to provide you with 16 slices of milk and white-chocolate pizza with vanilla fudge and honeycomb balls. They call it Heavenly Honeycomb Chocolate Pizza™ and if you have spare 30$, you can make sure it’s heavenly. The pizza can also serve as a decoration and won’t go bad in case you forget about it for up to 9 month, but what a hard heart can do that? Do you think the Heavenly Honeycomb Chocolate Pizza™ can’t get any nicer? Well, then you should know it’s also vegetarian. And if now you’re sad, that you’re not Belgian, don’t be! Their delivery is worldwide.